Adult Counselling

Individual Counselling

Life's challenges

Life is full of challenges, throwing unexpected situations in our path. At certain times we may feel able to deal with these challenges and at other times we may be left feeling overwhelmed, alone and stuck. The consequences of such situations could manifest in you feeling, stressed, anxious or depressed.

Sharing your thoughts and feelings with those closest to you may feel unachievable at times. There can be a variety of reasons for this and you may need some support to help you see things clearer and find your own answers. Seeking the help of a counsellor, who is trained to listen attentively without judgement, offers you the confidential space to do this.

Mental Wellbeing

Juggling work and personal lives has become increasingly difficult. There are relentless distractions to contend with, as well as an ‘always available’ culture. This fast-paced life of the modern era can place self-care as the last bullet point on your to-do-list. Counselling provides a sounding board for you to prioritise yourself on this list. This could mean focusing on your own mental wellbeing; or working through specific issues and events that are somehow impacting on your life.

Types of Counselling

There are a variety of therapeutic approaches and it is important to find the right one for you. Short-term therapies tend to focus on problem resolution and symptom elimination to specific issues, without the need to find the root cause of a specific issue.

The aim of longer-term therapy is to help you identify the root cause of your problem, which goes beyond eliminating symptoms. I am a Relational counsellor who puts the relationship at the heart of the therapeutic work we undertake together. This will allow you to understand your relationship with yourself and others at a deeper level.

Great emphasis is placed on our formative experiences and the relationships we first had with our caregivers. By exploring these behaviours and ways of relating, this process can help you be more consciously aware of where and why these behaviours were formed. Having increased self-awareness empowers you to consciously adapt your behaviour and ways of relating. This in turn can give you more control over your life and help with difficult emotions.

If you are ready to start looking at and changing some parts of your life and investing in your wellbeing, then touch base with me. For an informal chat about whether counselling is right for you, contact me now.

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