Bereavement Counselling

Your Loss

Bereavement counselling focuses on the loss of a special person or loved one in your life. For the majority of people, it will be one of the most difficult experiences they will face. There is no set or correct amount of time it takes to get over a loss and everyone’s journey will be their own.

Loss comes in many forms other than bereavement and may include separation, divorce, job loss, retirement and life changing health issues. The list is exhaustive and unique, just like grief itself.

Your Grief

Each person’s experience on the journey of grief will be different. This is based on the type of loss you have suffered, your relationship with the person who died, your upbringing, your relationships, beliefs, past history of coping and mental health.

Although the intensity of grief is unique, there are a variety of emotions that may be familiar to most people during the grieving process. These include numbness, shock, guilt, sadness, anger, longing, desperation and depression.

Grief in families can lead to you feeling alone and misunderstood, as everyone struggles with their own individual representation of grief. This can make talking to a family member difficult and where counselling can offer a unique space to explore your own grief.


Counselling can also help with pre-bereavement where you are dealing with the intense emotions associated with the knowledge that a loved one or friend is going to pass away.

Sometimes the grieving process starts when you become aware of the inevitable loss and before death. This is known as anticipatory grief and differs greatly from grief through an unexpected loss.


Your grief after a suicide may feel quite different than the grief you have felt after other kinds of losses. The death of a loved one from suicide usually has a much more intense and long lasting impact.

You may feel abandoned, betrayed and intense emotions such as anger, guilt and blame. You may also feel judged and misunderstood by others. Those close to you may keep their distance not knowing what to say or how to be helpful. Your own emotions and general health may also deteriorate and become fragile.

A Helping Hand

Grief affects all realms of your life. Through bereavement counselling I can help you to explore the emotional and often overwhelming feelings associated with the loss of a loved one.

Trying to make sense of the loss by acknowledging the deep sadness, feeling heard and supported whilst holding onto the hope that life will change and improve, can be invaluable.

I will offer you the space to be yourself in a safe environment and help you to process your grief in a way that is right for you. It can help you on your unique journey towards healing to whatever your new normal looks like.

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