Adolescents and Young People

Counselling for 11-17 year olds

Things I help with

As a parent finding and trusting the right therapist for your child may seem like a very daunting process. I work with children aged 11-17 and can help with relationship difficulties, managing emotions, parental divorce or separation, anxiety, low mood, self-harm, suicidal ideation, issues at school, bullying, body image, life transitions, bereavement and loss. The sessions are face to face only and last for 50 minutes.

It can be difficult for some children and young people to talk to their parents or carers. Counselling gives your child the opportunity to explore difficult thoughts and feelings, solve problems and heal from any painful experiences they may have had in a safe space. This process will empower them and by taking the time to understand their feelings, they may be happy to invite change.

This journey of exploration can help your child or young person see themselves more clearly, potentially resulting in being able to piece everything together again. Counselling aims to help them improve how they feel about themselves with the potential for making more positive life choices.

Being a kid in the modern world can be tough and counselling can help your child explore the challenges they are having. Children and young people nowadays have to contend with growing up in a digital society and an ‘always available’ culture. This has contributed to increased bullying online, as well as additional peer pressure through the likes of social media. All of this on top of hormones, navigating adolescence and family dynamics.

Therapy can give young people a sense of self-worth and help create resilience and coping strategies for their life ahead.

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