Coronavirus - What's your new normal?

Coronavirus - What's your new normal?

We hear the phrase ‘time is precious’ all too often, but I must admit to never really giving it any thought. One thing that the current situation has allowed me to have is ‘time’ and to really think about what I do with mine and if I would like to do anything differently?

I often find myself trapped in a cycle of busyness and running from one task to another. This enforced time has allowed me to question this and what I am achieving? For the most part living this way does not allow me to be as mindful and present as I would like to be. Having this time to re-evaluate the importance of things will, I hope, pay dividends moving forward.

With this in mind: I have incorporated things into my ‘new normal’ that I intend to continue with when life returns to normal. This is an insight into some new activities making up my day.

I am relishing the fact that I have the time to listen to the birds on a morning and watch them for as long as I want. Normally I feed and run as I am rushing onto my next task of the day! Nature brings me so much joy and I am grateful for this enforced time which has allowed this.

PE with Joe has brought fun and laughter to the start of my day. Not only is the workout good for my physical and mental health, I get a warm fuzzy feeling of connecting to people far and wide that are all trying to make the best of this situation. Hearing that people in their 90s are joining in is just wonderful. Seeing children working out with Joe on my social media feed makes me smile. Well done Joe! (YouTube)

I have decided that I would like to practice what I preach. I regularly recommend meditation to clients, highlighting the benefits to them. Despite this I always found myself too busy to meditate, even though the sporadic times I have done it, it did what it said on the tin! Five minutes a day can have such a positive impact on so many areas of your life. It helps to improve your focus, reduce stress, anxiety, depression and anger. The benefits seep into all areas of your life. There are many apps and websites available with meditations to suit everyone. Headspace are offering a collection of them free now called Weathering the Storm.

My new normal will now include 5 minutes of meditation and has started this week. I’m loving it already…..

Changing times

I am very grateful to be able to walk in the fresh air every day for an afternoon walk with my son. As a teenager I understand the need for him to break away, but sometimes it would be nice to revert to family life before teenage life took hold and the daily cuddles I used to receive! These special measures have meant I have been able to reconnect with my son in many ways, despite the fact he is obviously still a teenager. Our walks allow us to talk together, listen to each other without feeling rushed, laugh together and being mindful of the things around us on our walks. I may not want to revert to losing our daily walks and talks when all this is over….

I have loved having the time to facetime or speak to family and friends as nothing is that important right now that I have to rush off for. This has felt like an invaluable connection right now and it’s the next best thing to seeing everyone in person. It’s a time to think outside the box and hopefully we will soon be successful in organising a vinyl party via zoom. One thing is for certain – everyone will be able to make it and I’m sure it will be fun!

Time has allowed me to teach my son a different set of life skills which are invaluable for his future. He enjoyed learning how to iron his own clothes. This has proved a huge help and may become the new norm 😀.

My days have some structure but I’m also being flexible with everything. At least once a day we all come together as a family to play cards, board games or snuggle up and watch a film together. This is priceless. I also don’t really mind that both my husband and son continuously cheat at cards and board games – something that ordinarily I would dislike with a passion.

I love my 2 cats and they are like chalk and cheese. One of them is quite needy and over the last few months has started following me around and wanting more and more attention. Every time I look around, he is there. This is lovely but previously I haven’t always had the time to fulfil his need in the way he would have liked. He is now loving the fact that whenever he wants the attention, he is receiving it. It’s becoming a full-time job, but one I am enjoying.

What activities are in your ‘new normal’ that are helping you get through and what are you taking away from this extraordinary situation?

Until next time.