My Story

My Journey


Tracy Blackburn - Counsellor Taking that first step to therapy can be tough. I know, because I’ve taken those difficult steps too. After a significant bereavement I found myself feeling lost, with no sense of direction and wondering how life would ever feel normal again.

That was 20 years ago and seeking bereavement counselling proved to be the best investment I ever made for my mental health. The difficult journey established itself as the roots of my change into the therapist I am today.

The positive impact of my own therapy steered my life in a new direction. A desire to become a therapist was born and I completed my first degree in Counselling and Psychology in 2002.

Giving Back

I was a Samaritan and a Prison Visiting team member that supported inmates, as well as a Cruse Bereavement Counsellor. I committed to these roles for a many years.

More Recently

Throughout my career understanding people and celebrating their uniqueness has been at the heart of everything I do. I have worked in many settings over the last 20 years which has given me a unique insight into working with individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

I am devoted to enhancing my knowledge and experience and do this through continued professional development. I completed a Post Graduate Counselling qualification a few years ago.

The last two decades have been a voyage of self-discovery and self-awareness for me. Making the decision to improve my life through counselling proved that there was and is hope in the darkness.

For You

Accessing counselling can help you to rewrite your story and build the life you want. What are you waiting for?